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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Daughter Aiza Izzati

Aiza Izzati,
3 years ago you were born at Hospital Pusrawi,
Ummi can still remember how your pakciks, makciks and your abah held you in their arms happily.
Aiza the day she was born
What a priceless gift ummi and abah received that day,
Making 3 years seem like yesterday.

Aiza on her 1st birthday
You taught ummi a lot and gave ummi such pleasure,
These 3 years have become ummi's treasure.
Aiza on her 2nd birthday
Ummi wishes all the best to you,
And hope all your dreams come true.
Aiza today, on her 3rd birthday
Today abah and ummi want to make you happy,
So after work we'll take you to Secret Recipe,
At 5 o'clock, please be ready!


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